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Be where your feet are...

In my book "Hope Beyond an Empty Cradle" I mention that I am not good at journaling; as you might guess I struggle with blogging as well...sometimes life gets in the way of sitting down to write.


The other day (OK, like a few weeks ago) I was talking with someone and they said something that resonated with me; "be where your feet are", and I kinda love it. Often when I am out walking Bailey (she really enjoys her walks, and I use it as a time to ground myself for the day) I see others that are also walking their dogs while scrolling on their phones. I am assuming (we know I shouldn't) that they are scrolling through social media.  What a missed opportunity to just be in the moment of the fresh air, sometimes with grass under your feet, grounding into the day, (being where your feet are) rather than comparing yourself to someone influencer on social media. (side note...I also suggest not comparing yourself to others on social media but that is another blog post for another time)

I will often tell others to stay in the present and what better way to remind ourselves to stay in the present than to say be where your feet are.  Your feet will never be 2 weeks ahead of today, nor are they 2 years behind us.  They are right there with us.  

Too often we are concerned with what we fear might be next in our lives; the next chapter, what the doctor might say, what happens after we graduate that we forget to breathe in this moment right now.  We can't fix what isn't here yet and dwelling on the "what could be's" isn't going to bring about a better resolution.  What it will create is anxiety.  So.much.anxiety. 

So, take some time to practice being where your feet are.