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To the writers of Virgin River ~

Dear writers of Virgin River ~ *spoiler alert*

You don't know me, but about 6 weeks ago I sprained my ankle so badly that I had to cancel my vacation.  It was a bummer.  But, so many people had recommended this show called "virgin river" that I thought I would take the chance to watch it.  What better thing to do with my time?  After all, I was confined to the sofa with my leg elevated. 

What a great story line ~ a strong independent woman, Mel,  decides to upend her life and move to a tiny town in Northern California.  I like small towns. We learn of all the drama of a small town and get hooked into the relationship of Mel and Jack, the bar owner. Who doesn't love a good love story? OK, and then we learn of her recent traumas that brought her here...her baby died.  then her husband died...but also, her mother died when Mel was young, and a sister she barely remembered also died when Mel was young.  SO. MUCH. LOSS.  This is so up my alley because I am a grief therapist.  I can understand all this grief. 

Here's my issue ~ Mel never says the name of her baby girl ~ a stillborn daughter as a result of a placental abruption.  She only refers to her as baby girl. It's as if she didn't give her daughter a name other than "baby girl"?  As a baby loss mom, who has worked with many baby loss moms, this is not accurate ~ a baby loss mom wants to say her daughter's name, and wants to hear others say the name as well.  This was a miss.  We do hear the name of her sister, who tragically died when Mel was young, in another story line regarding an abandoned baby ~ who needed a name, and so is named after her sister...but still doesn't name her own daughter.  Why?  I'm so confused by this.

Here's my second issue ~ (again, spoiler alert) ~ when Mel finds herself pregnant again she explains that she feels "calm".  She is calm about her own new pregnancy but is triggered when she delivered (did I mention Mel was a Nurser Practitioner?)  another baby that was stillborn?  Is this compartmentalization? How is she so calm in this new pregnancy? I am so glad she feels calm...I wish for all women that are pregnant after loss a calm...but that usually takes work;  some self talk, some coping skills and sometimes therapy.   

I do hope that Mel gets her happily ever after.  I do love the small town drama.  I love the scenery and the peacefulness of "virgin river".  I hope that Mel and Jack continue to work things out, and when he finally does propose I bet it will be amazing.

I wish I knew her daughter's name.