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Call ~

A while back I was driving to work and heard an advertisement for a counseling center. I don’t remember the name of the center, but I do remember their tag line; “The call is easy,” referring to making the call for an appointment as easy.

My immediate reaction was “no it’s not.” I actually said it out loud alone in my car.

Making a call to get help is not easy. It takes a lot of courage.

I heard the story of a teenage boy that has been struggling for a while with what sounds like depression. His behavior suggests it, and he is acting out in a way that suggests it as well. His parents are worried. They see the behavior and feel helpless to manage it. They “are doing everything they can” to help him; including reading self-help books and talking to friends, but the truth is, they are struggling as well.

What they haven’t done is call a therapist for help or guidance. I assume because it is scary. (and sometimes the perception is that it is cost prohibitive). What I would tell them, or anyone in that situation, is make the call and ask the questions. Tell the story and find out if, in fact, help is needed.

What I want to say to these parents, or for that matter, this teen is, please, please call. I know that it is scary, I know that the outcome is unknown, and please call.

Struggling is scary. It takes a toll on everything around you. It can rob you of days that could be good, and moments that could feel better. It allows lies to be believed and habits to be formed.

So; please call.