walking alongside you

Silence is Golden...

Remember the old saying ~ “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all”?...   I think that we need to rethink that idea and suggest that when you are wanting to say something “helpful” don’t say anything at all.
Let me explain ~ 
I have been on the receiving end, and have also heard from clients, of “stupid things people say”.  I think that people get into this place of wanting to help someone that is sad, or grieving by saying “just the right thing”.  We pull little tidbits out of our back pockets and throw them out there believing that we are helping our friend, believing that this is what will help to feel better, when in reality, we are slapping them across the face.  
Words can be so hurtful, even the words with the best intentions.
The best thing to do for someone that is hurting is to just sit.  Sit and listen, sit and cry, sit and be.  Just BE.  Remember there are no magic words ~ nothing can be said to take the pain and sadness away.  There is only time.