walking alongside you

January 2 ~

So, how many of you make New Year resolutions?

How many get frustrated by February 1 when the resolve is gone? or better yet, when we don’t even remember what the resolution was?

I think that too often resolutions are a self-inflicted opportunity not to succeed.

How many of us resolve to “get healthy” in the new year? or get a gym membership declaring to go to the gym “all the time”? I wonder how many people buy gym memberships knowing that they hate going to the gym; “but it’s good for me”… Aren’t these ways in which we know we aren’t set up to succeed? Rather, ways to beat ourselves up for not succeeding.

Is it possible to make a resolution to be kinder to ourselves? Maybe resolve to accept that we don’t like the gym ~ and if a change is necessary, to be honest with ourselves about what we are willing to do.

Maybe we are willing to give up a bad habit once a week ~ maybe we are willing to pick up a good habit once a week ~ give up one beer and drink one more glass of water. Maybe we are willing to give up social media one day a week and read a book that you have been wanting to read.

Maybe we could find little ways to succeed rather than grandiose ideas that set us up not to.

and remember, take time to breathe.