walking alongside you

Are we lovable?

Over the last few days I have been hearing about an actress that has “been struggling”.  She has recently been admitted to the hospital after ingesting some drug ~ many people are worried about her, and probably for good reason.  Sounds like she is really struggling lately. 
I bring her up because I heard that she said one of her biggest fears is coming to the end of her life and realizing that she is ultimately unloveable.  I was struck by how truly sad this is.  If this is true it seems plausible that she has spent her life trying to find that one thing that will make her lovable ~and when she couldn’t find it she resorted ~ if it’s true ~ to drugs to numb that sadness and fear.  My hope and prayer for her is that she realizes that she is lovable...of course she is lovable.  
I began to wonder how many of us fight with this same fear every day?  How many of us package this fear into trying to become “the ideal”? The illusive vision of what will be perfect and lovable....we work to lose weight, we pursue plastic surgery, we pursue an advanced degree, we do what is necessary to be “the person that my spouse/parents/society wants me to be”.  Ultimately we are hoping to find that “thing” that makes us the “loved one”.
Sadly ~ what we are forgetting is that we are loved.  God loves us ~ He created us to be exactly who we are ~ He sees us as we are ~ He sees our hearts.  
Think how awesome it would be if we allowed ourselves to believe that love for us ~ If we knew that our looks, our achievements and our actions don’t determine our “lovable”ness......think of the freedom.......
Be kind to yourselves today...