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Great Expectations...

I have been talking about expectations a lot lately....unmet expectations, unknown expectations and then the resulting disappointment.  

It seems that most of us have expectations that we don't even know we have.  How often do we find that we are disappointed with something or someone because we didn't get what we had wanted?  

Our spouse didn't do what we had hoped?

Our friend didn't call us back because we called first and didn't leave a message? 

Lunch plans were never made, even though we were hoping to go to our favorite restaurant with our favorite person?

It is so easy to fall into the place of expecting something will happen because we want it to; although we never ask for it.  We believe that the other person knows us, and therefore knows what we want.  That would be great ~ except that we are putting the responsiblity of us onto someone else and we are swinging the door wide open for being disappointed. ( and then the resulting hurt and angry feelings)

Remember ~ it is our responsiblity to ask for what we need and want.  Maybe take some time to recognize if there are expectations, or wants that we aren't aware of.   
and then...take the next step and ask....