walking alongside you

Social Media

I both love and hate social media.

I know that you didn’t ask me my opinion but I am going to give it to you anyway…

I really enjoy being able to watch a snippet of a friend’s life through social media. See what they and their family are up to, see amazing pictures from vacations and even laugh at their stories of grounding their children.

What I don’t like is that too often we compare ourselves to others and determine that we don’t measure up. To look perfect, to have the perfect body and to have a perfect life. How many times do we compare ourselves to those people we don’t even know but are “following”? Isn’t it curious that we assume, from a single picture, that this person is someone we want to be like, or worse yet, that they are better then we are?

How often do we determine that “this person is prettier than I am”?

How often do we determine that “this person has a better life than I do”?

Why do we want to allow someone else to determine our value?

What do you imagine it would be like if we just determined that we were good enough and spent time enjoying our own life rather than wishing for a life of someone else, that may not even exist?