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Anxiety ~

I just want to share a couple thoughts about Anxiety.

First of all, anxiety, like depression, has a different severity for different people, or times in life. For some people, it can feel super mild in very rare situations. For others, it is a constant buzz that they feel somewhere in their body and becomes something they “deal” with. For still others, anxiety can manifest into panic attacks that come out of nowhere.

Sometimes people who don’t usually experience anxiety are feeling quite anxious with no understanding as to why.

What I most often hear from people is that they try to calm themselves down through some sort of mindfulness or meditation. Others use prayer or yoga; working to quiet the mind. For some people, this works great.

What I want to point out is that sometimes quieting the mind doesn’t work. When some people are in the midst of anxiety the ability to quiet the mind is unattainable, creating a loop that can make the anxiety worse.

How many times do we ask ourselves “why am I so anxious?”, and then loop into that “why can’t I just stay focused on this mediation?”

Sometimes the best thing to do is to divert the attention to something else. Maybe binge-watching something on Netflix is the answer, sometimes listening to music or playing a game is the answer. I often tell people to use any method to shut the brain down ~ if only for a moment.

These methods don’t have to be one size fits all. Nor does it have to be that when something works once it will work every time.

That is one of the things with anxiety ~ sometimes we just do what needs to be done in the moment and then move on to the next moment.