walking alongside you

Christmas ~

The holidays are generally a time to be spent with the people we love. But what happens when those relationships cause pain? What about the loved ones we are missing this year. Christmas can also be a time of grief and mourning.

For many, feeling the loss of the joy that was felt as a child surrounding Christmas is a loss as well. We want to recreate what we had, and often that is not possible.

If you are one of those that are feeling sad this Christmas season, please hear that you are not alone, and please know that you will feel different tomorrow. Honor yourself and what you need. Sometimes that means taking a moment alone, sometimes that means being with people, even when our energy is low.

Remember those you love in a way that feels good to you and take time to build up from the inside out. Hold onto moments that feel good, even if they are only moments, and allow them to build on each other.

and remember, take time to breathe.