walking alongside you

Finding our value...

Isn’t it interesting that how we are feeling about ourselves can turn on a dime? That we can leave our homes in the morning feeling pretty confident and then a “look” from someone (that we probably don’t even know) can shift our thinking about ourselves? Or, somewhere along the morning commute, we start to compare ourselves to someone else, and our value not only lessens but sometimes leaves entirely.

When did it become a thing that our opinion or value was determined by someone else? Where did our confidence in ourselves as human go?

And, when did our value depend on our hair? Or our eye color? Or, for that matter, our clothes?

What do you imagine life would be like if we found our value in knowing that God put us here. We are here because He considers us valuable. Not because of how we look, or dress, or what car we drive; but because of our hearts and our humanness.

Would we find more time for things we enjoyed? Would we be able to enjoy moments more?