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All the Feels

Did you practice feeling feelings this week?

I have been confronted with a lot of change around me recently. Many things are changing with people I love, and it got me thinking about something.

Sometimes we feel more than one feeling at the same time. I know, hard to believe but it’s true.

Sometimes this gets confusing because we have this notion that we “should” only feel one feeling at a time. If I am happy then I can’t be scared. If I am excited about something then why am I feeling sad?

But, it IS true that we can feel all the feels at the same time.

I often hear people say “well, I should be happy because this great thing is happening, but I feel sad” and will try to talk themselves out of feeling sad. Change brings loss and loss brings sadness; AND…change is exciting and great. If we only focus on what we believe we “should” be feeling we could miss something great in the process.

I am very happy about all the changes going on around me (not my changes, yet I have feelings). I am so very excited for some of the things happening, and with the changes, I feel some sadness.

So, I will rest in all the feelings I have about the changes. I will celebrate the new, recognize my blue”ness” and be flexible with what comes.

So, what would happen if we feel all the feels at the same time?