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Teens and anxiety...

I have been asked a lot lately about teens and anxiety, so I thought I could share some thoughts.  First, all teens will have some anxiety in their adolescents; that is perfectly normal.  If, however, it is impacting their life then parents might want to consider talking to someone.  
If a teen is having thoughts that they can’t seem to quiet I would suggest buying them a notebook to write those thoughts down in.  Give your teen permission to write anything in the book, and then put the book away.  This allows the teen to “let the thought go for now” ~ no need to try and remember it because it is in the book. 
Remember that this book is for them ONLY ~ parents should NEVER read their kids diary ~ EVER!  If there is a concern about what is being written, if for example, the teen is depressed ~ then you need to call and consult with a professional.  
Also, if you are concerned that your teen is depressed/anxious ~ allow them to come to you.  Of course, asking them how they are is OK ~ but, don’t push the envelope.  This makes the situation too big sometimes and brings on frustration.  Pushing a teen too hard will shut them down ~ being a willing ear is always a better option.
And, lastly ~ if you are at all concerned about your child ~ please don’t hesitate to call and consult with a professional.  It doesn’t mean the you, the parent, did anything wrong, or that you are a bad parent.  It means that you care enough about your child to gain some answers.