walking alongside you

Finding balance ~

I have been struck over the last couple of weeks with how hard it is to find balance. As evidenced by this blog post that has taken a few weeks to complete.

It seems that between work, family, school and life commitments there is less time to do the things we enjoy; not that we don’t enjoy our families. When we don’t have a good balance in our lives, we can become cranky. We can become irritated with our surroundings and can become resentful.

I have found that sometimes it is OK to say “no,” even when we believe “no” means someone else will be disappointed. I have heard so often that the backlash from saying “no” is worse than just doing it; but have we considered that we don’t have to manage the backlash? Do we really need to be privy to the backlash, or can we walk away? Have we considered that it is OK to say “no” just because we want to rather than having a valid reason to say “no”?

Because balance is so hard to attain it is even more important to find moments of self-care ~ it doesn’t have to be something that creates more time constraints and stress; like a day at the spa or a massage. Sometimes all it needs to be is an extra five minutes of sitting quietly enjoying our coffee rather than chugging it down. Sometimes it is a kind word to ourselves rather than a criticism. Sometimes it is driving in silence rather than listening to more chaos.

Maybe summer could be an opportunity to practice moments of self-care. Taking a morning to walk, or a summer evening to be in the moment; or perhaps using the commute without driving kids to school to speak kind words to yourself.

Better yet, maybe take a moment to reflect on what balance looks like for you and implement changes.