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Negative emotions...

So, lately I have been hearing a lot about “negative” emotions, and I am struggling with this term.  I know that it is used often ~ and I know that it is used to label those emotions that we don’t want to feel.  You know the ones? ~  sadness, anger and any other emotion that lends to us feeling anything less than happy.   My struggle is this; when did any emotion become negative? What does this label imply?  ~ Does a negative emotion lead to a negative action? If I am sad, and as a result I cry is that a bad thing?
It is as if we are believing the message that we are only “good” when we are happy.  Why do we believe such a lie?  How many times have we told ourselves, or have been told ~ “stop crying, there is no reason for it”?  or “this is stupid, I should not be angry”?  How many times have we minimized our true feelings so as to not “cause a problem”?
Why is our "trueness" (my term) a problem?  
I am here to say that these emotions are NOT negative ~ they are feelings.  Pure and simple.  There is no negative or positive ~ just feelings ~ and as I have discussed with many people ~ feelings are always valid.  Always.  Please be free to feel whatever it is that you are feeling.  
If we allow it our feelings can lead to a deeper understand of ourselves and can bring a closer and deeper connection with loved ones. 
Allow yourself the privilege of feeling them ~ they are not always fun.  Sadness is never fun; anger is rarely enjoyable; but....they are necessary and they are NOT negative.