walking alongside you

What is needy anyway?

I talked to too many people in the last few weeks that labeled themselves as “needy.”

Isn’t it sad that as a society we have labeled having needs as being needy; as if that is a bad thing? What does it mean to be needy anyway? Or to have needs? How many are too many needs?

I know that I have talked about this before but I just want to continue the conversation that having needs does not make one needy. It makes us human. We are allowed to have needs, and we are allowed to voice our needs, and, even our desires. (I know, crazy).

Having said that; it is true that there is no other person that will be able to fulfill all of your needs ~ part of the job is up to us as individuals. It can be unfair if we ask others to fill needs that no one can. We have all been there, asking someone to fill a hole that is only fillable by us; asking someone else to complete us.

It is also, I think, important to note that sometimes when we ask for a need or want that doesn’t mean that we will get it. Sometimes we are told “no” ~ that doesn’t make the need less important or valuable ~ nor does it say that WE are not important or valuable. It is unfair to take that and turn it into I am too needy.