walking alongside you

Allow it to be

OK, first things first ~ yes, I am posting a blog, I know, I know ~ don’t fall out of your chair.

Secondly, IF you did fall out of your chair please gently pick yourself back up.

I would like to take a minute and talk about feelings.

Often when I am talking with someone, regardless of who, and the topic of emotion/feelings come up there is a sense of believing that “negative” emotions need to be avoided. That feeling sad, angry or hurt is a bad thing. “Nobody wants to deal with me when I am sad”. “Nobody likes a sad person”. and on and on…

How often do we avoid these “negative” emotions because we don’t want to be sad, or we convince ourselves that we don’t have the energy to deal with it right now? Or, worse yet, I will be seen as too needy, and nobody wants that!

I am a firm believer in honoring our feelings. That allowing ourselves to be real with how we feel in the moment actually allows us room to have more joy and happiness. Yes, it is true that feeling happy is generally more fun than feeling sad, but feeling shows up for a reason.

So, what if, when an emotion shows up we just sit with it for a minute? We don’t need to “lean in” to it, but we also don’t have to run from it. What if we gave ourselves permission to just be sad knowing that it won’t last forever, believing that it is OK to be sad ( or hurt or angry). Imagine how big our happiness could be if we allowed room for all of the emotions?

Just give it a moment and allow it to be ~