walking alongside you

Reading Minds ~

Have you ever noticed how often you read someone’s mind?

We do it a lot.

We make assumptions of what the other person is thinking, and this sometimes creates conflict or adds to existing conflict. Sometimes our assumptions are based on history with this person ~ or our history with other people. It can be hard to trust what is said when we “think” we know something more is going on.

I hear from a lot of people that “I am good at reading their mind.” That may be true. BUT, it may not be true. It also might be true in one situation, but really not true in the next situation.

It really is not our responsibility to hear beyond what is said. It is not our responsibility to *try* to read someone’s mind. Our responsibility is to listen to the words being spoken.

How often do we ask someone how they are doing, and depending on what we read on their face, we believe them or not? Rather than just hearing what they are saying we begin focusing on how to fix whatever is going on. We take on what is not ours, based on reading what may or may not be there.

Reading people’s mind, and or facial expressions creates so much anxiety.

I will encourage us all to stop trying to look beyond what is said. Just listen. Listening is so often overlooked. Focus on the words being spoken, rather than your response (to what isn’t even said yet), and listen. And then, trust the words. Allow your person to be heard by you.