walking alongside you

I will miss Kate Spade ~

This week we were reminded of how difficult life can be.

We learned through Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain that what we see on the outside, many times is not what is happening on the inside. We were reminded, in a really tragic way, that life isn’t the perfect story that we create in our own heads.

I don’t know any of the reasons that led both of them to take their own lives.

I don’t know their thought process or what they were feeling when they made the choice.

What I do know is that we have no room to judge them for their actions. We don’t actually have the right to speak to this tragedy at all.

Too many times this week I heard how selfish these two were for leaving children behind. What a cruel comment. What if both Kate and Anthony believed, with every ounce of their being, that it was selfish to stay in their child's life? What if they both believed that their children would be better off without them? Would that make it less selfish?

We don’t get to wonder why someone “with so much” could do such a thing. We don’t get to stand on the sidelines and make commentary; we weren’t in their skin and we don’t understand what was happening for them.

And, we are also reminded that Kate and Anthony are two of many others that took their lives last week. Rather than making judgment maybe we can look upon these examples with compassion.

What we can do is take this as an opportunity to be reminded that there are people who are hurting, and rather than making commentary maybe we can sit in the unknowing and find compassion.