walking alongside you

Call ~

A while back I was driving to work and heard an advertisement for a counseling center. I don’t remember the name of the center, but I do remember their tag line; “The call is easy,” referring to making the call for an appointment as easy.

My immediate reaction was “no it’s not.” I actually said it out loud alone in my car.

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January 2 ~

So, how many of you make New Year resolutions?

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Christmas ~

The holidays are generally a time to be spent with the people we love. But what happens when those relationships cause pain? What about the loved ones we are missing this year. Christmas can also be a time of grief and mourning.

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Depression ~

I overheard a conversation the other day between 2 women. It appeared that they hadn’t seen each other in a while and were catching up on families and life. I didn’t eavesdrop, so I don’t know the whole conversation, but something did pique my interest.

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Leaning in ~

I was at a workout class yesterday, and in the middle of a particularly hard exercise, the instructor says “lean into the burn.” In my head, I thought, “sure, yep, gonna lean into it; nope, not gonna lean in cuz’ that hurts”….. but then I remembered that I can feel the pain for a limited amount of time.

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