walking alongside you

Reading Minds ~

Have you ever noticed how often you read someone’s mind?

We do it a lot.

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Listen ~

I see this a lot. I saw it this last week.

The times when we ask someone to let us know what is going on, how they are doing, and we shut them down with our response.

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Call ~

A while back I was driving to work and heard an advertisement for a counseling center. I don’t remember the name of the center, but I do remember their tag line; “The call is easy,” referring to making the call for an appointment as easy.

My immediate reaction was “no it’s not.” I actually said it out loud alone in my car.

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January 2 ~

So, how many of you make New Year resolutions?

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Christmas ~

The holidays are generally a time to be spent with the people we love. But what happens when those relationships cause pain? What about the loved ones we are missing this year. Christmas can also be a time of grief and mourning.

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