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Suicide ~

You guys, it happened again (I know, I said this last time).....but, it did!

I came home from work last night to the news that someone in the community had died by suicide.  Again...and again I was struck by the tragedy of the news.  Someone I don't know was so sad that they decided the best course of action was to die. I still am pondering what it must be like for this person's family and friends to hear the news.  What must it be like to try to fit the pieces into the puzzle to make it make sense.

I don't know anything about the situation, or what brought this person to ending their life. I do know that over the last year my colleagues and I have seen an increase in anxiety and depression; with that we have also experienced more people reaching out for help.  I don't know if this person ever sought help, I hope/wish they did.  What I think I know is that they must have been in a tremendous amount of pain to believe that death was the best option. 

I have heard from some that suicide is a selfish choice, and to be honest, I struggle when I hear that ~ I don't see selfish.  I see pain. I find it difficult to label someone as selfish when they believe (with their whole being) that their existence is selfish, or a mistake ~ that the world would be better off without them in it.   Looking in we can see that this thought is a terrible lie ~ God didn't put us here by mistake.  It is not selfish to exist, or to need support.  

I know that therapy and support can help.  I have had the privilege of seeing transformation.  I know that the path is painful, but it's also worth it.  

If you are feeling sad. anxious or depressed please seek help.