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Depression ~

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Well, it happened again....

I had a woman contact me asking for guidance.  Her kid, a teen, was talking about depression and suicide.  Mom felt unsure of reaching out because she was unsure if this was a phase, or if the teen was being moody. She wasn't sure if her teen needed counseling, but the behavior seems different and so she called.  Bravo to mom! because she reached out.  She was unsure and she asked the questions.  And, her teen was genuinely struggling.  

This scenario seems to be playing out a lot lately ~ adults are struggling and teens are really struggling.

Of course they are, after the last 2 years it seems reasonable that teens would struggle. 

Their social life was taken away, we needed teens to be flexible with hybrid/online learning, we lived in a world that fed on fear, and many teens experienced loss of a family member. 

Teen depression has increased in the last 2 years...some statistics suggest that 14% of teens suffer from depression. (2 million people) In researching these statistics I learned that only 27% of these people with depression get consistent care.  

Here are some signs to look for in teens that you think might be feeling some depression....

  • Changes in social behavior ~ this usually means avoidance of friends, family, social activities.
  • Lack of interest in activities, especially activities that they once loved.
  • Changes in sleep patterns.  Sleeping too much or too little, complaining of feeling tired "all the time"
  • Changes in academic behaviors ~ slip in grades, not doing homework
  • Mood swings ~ appears more sullen, grumpy
  • Physical changes ~ hygiene changes, lack of interest in appearance
  • Self harm ~ cutting behavior, wearing long sleeves

If you find that your teen might be struggling please reach out for help.  

Even if you are unsure, or your teen says they are fine.  

Reach out and ask the questions.