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Postpartum ~

As we approach October ~ or as the baby loss community knows it ~ Pregnancy and Infant death awareness month ~ I thought I would briefly talk about Postpartum disorders.  In the time period after delivery the hormones are fluctuating, transitions are happening and a we are learning how to be a mom to our new baby.  Sleep is a myth, and we are overwhelmed.  This period of time is often referred to as the baby blues.  It is common for most moms to endure some form of the baby blues.

What is not as common ~ although it occurs in 1and 5-7 moms ~ is Postpartum Depression ( or anxiety).  To often moms are convinced they are struggling with the blues when, in reality, they are struggling with a Postpartum disorder ~ depression or anxiety.  The Postpartum disorder, PPD, PPA, or PMAD, can be diagnosed after the initial 2 weeks after birth;  the blues only last for 2 weeks.  If you are struggling months after birth with overwhelming emotions, mood swings or feeling “not yourself”, it might be time to seek some medical help. Please hear that you are not crazy (although you feel like it) and please don’t wait until “you are back to normal” ~ hoping that the feelings will go away.  There is help out there. 

This is also true for moms that have had to say goodbye to their children.  You are still postpartum;  your body is still healing from delivering your baby.  Your trauma and grief could be compounded with Postpartum issues. Please reach out for help.  

As we approach October ~ if you are a baby loss mom ~ remember that this time of year can feel heavier ~ it is OK to feel “off”.  You are not alone. Allow yourself extra grace and self care.  It is not uncommon to have more thoughts/memories and emotions about your child(ren).  

Be gentle with yourself.