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grief and loss

Grief and Loss ~

There just isn’t a good term to use for how we feel when we lose someone, or something. The loss is often times too overwhelming to put into words.

After losing my daughter through stillbirth I have found a new calling to help the traumatically grieved. I believe that we can carry our grief and find life again. That we will find a new normal.

Teens ~

Raising a teenager is a rewarding and sometimes challenging task. As much as we know our kid we sometimes have no idea what is going through their minds. Sometimes it is just really hard to communicate with them.

I enjoy working with teens through the struggles of being a teen ~ of feeling not heard, not understood and often times feeling really confused. Sometimes what parents recognize as lack of respect, or acting out behavior is really a sign of depression.

I can help.



Individuals ~

I often hear that people think that they “should” be able to manage what life is offering them. That if they can’t manage it then they appear weak. I would suggest the realizing that sometimes life offers up situations that can be overwhelming is not a sign of weakness but of strength. Realizing when it is appropriate to ask for help shows great strength and insight.

I work with many issues including depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Sometimes there is just a general sense of feeling “stuck”. If you feel that you might be needing someone to help “figure it out” then you might want to make an appointment for a consultation.

Couples ~

Sometimes relationships can be hard, sometimes they are downright painful ~ I can help with opening up communication and building deeper intimacy.

I have worked with couples facing the deepest hurts and betrayals and watched them rebuild what they thought was lost.

I offer marital, couple and pre-marital counseling